IDÛ Interactive Inc

Interactive Technologies for Personalized Experiences

Grounded on more than 40 years of interdisciplinary research, we develop innovative and interactive technologies to quickly and easily create personalized experiences.

Companionship of in-situ Cultural Heritage Visits

Advanced Training and Education

Knowledge Diffusion in Humanitarian Situations

Corporate Training

Using our technology platform especially designed for this purpose, we have developed fruitful collaborations with partners all over the World.


A rare and world-class interdisciplinary expertise

Led by a former academic, the expertise of our team is internationally acknowledged in both technologies (artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction, multimedia…) and the humanities (cognitive psychology, pedagogy…)

Interactive experiences that are both useful and engaging

Our technological solution provides its users with stimulating experiences that optimize their knowledge acquisition through diversified and motivating interactions 

An evolutive technology to address risks of technological obsolescence

Our platform is evolutive, and designed to facilitate the integration of future technologies into experiences already created by our partners

A method that respects knowledge to transmit

Having active collaborations with many experts from various disciplines, one of our main efforts is to ensure that transmitted knowledge is accurate according to the highest standards

Minimum costs for maximum possibilities

Our business model is also innovative. Compared to the competition, our costs are very reasonable, especially considering the possibilities offered by our platform

The creation of upscale interactive experiences made easy and intuitive

The result of many years of research, our content creation tool is praised for its ease-of-use, and the possibilities it offers in terms of innovative interactive storytelling

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